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Are you know Airtel announce that Airtel phone booking will be starting in short time? Just a month after Jio announced its Jio 4G Feature Phone, Airtel has also jumped into the fray and rumors are coming about Airtel is planning to launch a 4G phone at an unbelievably low price.

Jio launched its “Jio 4G Phone” which will be effectively free with a refundable amount of Rs 1500. Airtel is India’s leading telecom service provider and it has aimed this move to counterattack Jio’s cheap feature phone launch and also started Airtel phone booking process in very short time.

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This can clearly be seen as an attempt to impair Jio’s ploy to disrupt the 4G market, with the launch of its effectively free features phone. But, looking at the reports, it is evident that Airtel is planning to take it to a higher level by providing better features but at a higher cost so ready for Airtel phone booking online. At our website you can also check Airtel USSD codes, and some other USSD code will be posted in future. If we consider the reports coming out from many sources to be true, then you can expect Airtel’s 4G phones to be priced at Rs 2500.

Airtel’s counter Attack

According to some reliable sources of information, Airtel is all set to launch its own line of cheap and affordable 4G Smartphones just before Diwali. As one can imagine, these phones will be bundled with the same plans as Jio Phone. Airtel is planning to launch them with unlimited data plans, voice minutes, SMS, and a lot of other features, a move to combat Jio’s aggressive mobile 4G pricing and features.

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Currently, Airtel is in talks with some handset manufacturers in order to make a Smartphone better than the conventional ones. One that would have a bigger screen, better performance and camera, and eventually better features than what a feature phone could offer.

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Other reports, which are claims rather than confirmed reports; claim that the telecom giant is in talks with top smartphone manufacturers in order to roll out better and cheap phones with better functionality. Some sources said that these companies are Karbonn and Lava, but this piece of information is yet to be confirmed.

The smartphone market is in somewhat of a joy right now with Airtel taking up the task to provide affordable 4G Smartphones. Analysts are excited about the fact that Airtel’s 4G smartphone with all the bundled offers could entice those 500 million feature phone users that Jio is targeting. Because after the launch of the Airtel Phone, they will have more than one options to choose from.

Tarun Pathak who is positioned as an associate director at Counter Point Research in Hong Kong; said that if this is to be believed, Airtel can really disrupt the market. Because at this point, there isn’t a single 4G phone priced as low as Rs 2500.

Which one would be better? Airtel 4G Phone or Jio 4G Phone

It is too soon to say anything because neither of the phones has actually come out. The Jio Phone is scheduled to release in early September, but anyone has yet to get their hands on one. Furthermore, the Airtel Phone is not even confirmed yet. So we can’t say anything about either of the phones and can’t decide which one of them will be better.

But unlike Jio’s handsets which are effectively priced Rs 0, Airtel handsets won’t fall on the same line. Rather, Airtel is bundling freebies after its planned collaboration with handset manufacturers. Airtel is reportedly convincing them to charge less for the handsets, lesser than the current value of similar variants in the market.

Airtel phone booking

According to the present information, Airtel’s supposed 4G smartphone would be Android based. As Android is Open Source, it will result in an open-ecosystem Apps, Games, and Internet services, unlike Jio Phone which will have a closed source which is to be expected of a feature phone.

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Having a good quality screen, processor, and battery in the price segment of Rs 2500 is a bit too much to expect. And it is a bit ambitious to expect feature phone users to pay that amount. Given that the amount is still low, but is can be more for people who can’t even afford a feature phone, let alone a smartphone. A report said that nearly 40% of the people in country can’t even afford a feature phone. 2G features phones currently sell for between Rs 1000 and Rs 1500.

There are also reports of rumors that Airtel Phone may be based on Android Go. Android GO is the version of Android which was announced in May. The variant is supposedly designed for areas that have slow internet connectivity. It can also run on a low-end smartphone very easily.

Airtel is yet to give an official statement on the matter but the news is pretty much solid. And Google did announce that Android GO is in development and is aiming to launch the variant pre-Diwali. That perfectly lines up with the Airtel Phone launch so Are you ready for Airtel phone booking online.

Airtel Mobile Phone Mobile Price

Airtel also launched mobile phone till the Diwali and its starting price is Rs. 2500, It will be competitive with the Jio 4G phone.

Conclusion of Airtel Phone Booking

With the launch of Jio 4G Phone, Jio has successfully created a competition that is almost impossible to beat and one that might bring out more competitors. So, one can only hope that the Airtel Phone booking lives up to the hype that it has created. Stay tuned for more updates on this matter.

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