Jio POS Plus App Download Latest Version

What is Jio POS Plus App?

Jio POS Plus App has been made for retailers. This is a very helpful app for retailers. Through this app, shopkeepers can recharge the customer’s Jio number. Now retailer can activate new Jio SIM card by this Jio POS Plus App.

Jio POS Plus app

So if you are looking for a Jio Pos plus app details, here we are going to tell you a download and  using it. This Jio POS plus app is not available on google play store but don’t worry here we shared link for download Jio POS plus app. You can also check how to login for JIO SSO online.

Steps For Jio POS Plus App Download

So far this Jio POS plus app is not available at any official store, so you can not download and install this app from Google Play Store. But do not worry because you can download it from the official site. To download this app on your Android device, follow these steps below.

  1. First you need to go to the official website.
  2. Now search the Jio POS Plus app.
  3. Click on given link to download
  4. Now install the app after download.

Note: When a security alert appears, go to Settings and check “Allow third party installation”.

How to Update Jio POS Plus App Latest Version

In this year 2018, Reliance Jio has not released any new version of the Jio POS Plus app. Hence the customers no need to update their existing app. This app is very easy to use by retailers and it is quite good.

How to Recharge Through Jio POS Plus App Latest Version?

  1. First you need to open the Jio POS plus app.Jio POS Plus App Download
  2. Now enter your PRM ID and password (PRM ID is provided to retailer at the time of registration).
  3. Go to the menu and select the “Jio Top Up / Recharge” option.
  4. Now, enter your live number.
  5. And choose one of three options from there like “Top-Up”, “Recharge” and “Add-ons”.
  6. You can browse plans which are available for your number.
  7. Choose the plan and continue to pay.
  8. Select any payment option like credit card, debit card, cash etc. and complete the payment.
  9.  Now, after completing the entire process, your recharge will be done successfully and you will receive a confirmation message.

Jio POS Plus For PC

Many people search for Jio POS plus app for PC, but Jio not launched for this app for PC. Also there are one reason to not launch on PC. Because all Jio retailer don’t have PC and now a days all work done by Mobile. So Reliance don’t launched this app for PC. It is only for mobile and there are many updates coming the latest version of Jio POS is 11.0.3 available. Also if you want to use for PC then it is available by download bluestack and run Jio POS app.

Profit of Jio POS Plus App

Retailers receive 6% commission on each transaction which are made through the Jio POS Plus App. And if the retailer activates a new live SIM card through this app, then they earn a lot of money as commission. They get 40 rupees on each new activation. This app is a great app for retailers because of features and profits.

If you want to use this app then one thing required that you must be Jio retailer. Because this app is available for Jio retailer only. There are many version available for Jio POS plus app like 9.8.1, 9.9.1, 10.1.7, 10.2.4, 10.4.8 and latest version 11.0.3. We will all the version of Jio POS plus apk discussed in this article.

Use of Jio POS Plus App

You know what is the use of Jio POS plus app? If no then don’t worry we shared detail information on Jio POS plus app apk uses. Now Jio is the largest telecom service provider company so its own Jio SIM, Jio 4G phone store and many devices. So the main purpose of Jio POS app is for recharge and activate Jio SIM. So basically it is only for Jio retailer not for Jio customer. When someone or customer buy Jio SIM card then it is necessary to activate it for use. So it can be done by Jio retailer through this Jio POS app. In short this app only in one for Jio retailer.

Jio POS Plus Login ID & Password

When you install or download Jio POS plus app then you have to require user ID and password for accessing all the features. Without user ID and password you can’t do anything. It is mandatory so you can collect your ID and password through your nearest Jio store or retailer. Else you can contact Jio customer care helpline number for ID & Password. Once you have collect your credential like ID & Password you can access all the features like doing Jio prepaid & postpaid recharge, activate JIO SIM card, see Jio new plans and more.


So, from here, you have got the details about Jio POS Plus App download process, profits and much more. If you are a retailer then this app is best for you. If you have any query, thought and solution, you can share with use and for this please, come into comment section below. Check our website regularly for latest news and updates!!!!!!!!

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