Reliance Jio Phone Booking: How Can Free Jio Phone Registration Online?

JIO Phone Registration

Reliance came on track, it is bring into being in the year 1977 with 3500 workforce in addition came in progress to raise bit by bit by civilizing and giving the paramount services in the marketplace, unerringly 10 months backside Reliance has launched Jio in to the marketplace where the JIO Phone Booking has brought a cosmic amendment in the telecom industry and as a upshot India has over taken numerous countries and overshadowing more data.

Being the most excellent service provider it stood as the prevalent cellular phone film set of connections. The affable trials of this portable will start on August 15th 2017. The 4G facet mobile phone is named as Jio Free Phone, the cable TV piece of equipment is in addition announced by the side with this. JIO free of charge Phone Launch date on august 15th and JIO Phone Booking set up from August 24th, 2017.

Jio Phone

Free JIO Mobile Phone Launch Date & Pre Booking Start Date:

Everyone anticipated that the mobile phone would be for near to the ground outlay nevertheless JIO came up by means of from top to bottom poles apart plan and people will take pleasure in this offer as a feast. A single penny expenditure on mobile phone matters but what if even a contributor doesn’t lay the blame on a solitary penny, Doesn’t it striking? Yes, it is as Reliance JIO Phone Booking has launched this JIO mobile phone for free at no cost but at the outset it is charging 1500 rupees as a safekeeping deposit where they will reimbursement the intact amount later than three years.

JIO touchtone phone take account of calls and wording messaging on voice command, Internet surfing and line to hook up  the piece of equipment to TV, together with record. Clients be able to go for this booking which would be a pre booking initiate from 24th August 2017. JIO phone is a single SIM phone, doesn’t run WatsApp. Free JIO phone is releasing on date 15th  August 2017. JIO phones will be delivered to the registered customers on September 2017. Security amount deposit for free JIO phone is 1500. 4G unlimited data is available on the phone as well in addition free SMS and Voice call. Registration for new-fangled financial statement featured JIO phone has not been acknowledged with authorization and the window for registration of budget 500 JIO Phone is on hand at authorized website where a end user be able to schedule himself to pay for.

Jio Phone Booking Specification

JIO Phone is the name of the Reliance JIO 4G Mobile Phone and Specifications and  Features of the phone are mentioned below:

The Jio Phone has enormous Battery backup with charger, four way direction-finding system. Client accumulate the contacts as well as retrieve the data from Jio Phone booking contacts list and are as well in addition capable to come across the Call history facility. Ring tones of JIO Phone Booking will be intrinsic, Microphone and speaker is as well built-in. To have supplementary amenities by means of external world JIO apps are what’s more installed with mobile phone. This handset will be in point of fact at no cost to all its services clients. This is the very first ever alphanumeric keypad mobile with 4 way navigation. This intelligent smartphone has a keen do up to switch on/off torchlight.

Jio 4G Phone booking

Several supplementary features which will create a center of attraction is that this intelligent smartphone ropes all languages, and one be able to bring it into play the voices commands to use the mobile phone. It will even come up with pre-loaded JIO apps which will make the handling even much more easier. In the intervening time, the smart phone has the SOS feature which can be activated by pressing 5 with no trouble, and shore up for NFC for rapid imbursement. Headphone jack, microphone, speaker, FM radio are some other features which are available in this handset. Jio 4G phone registration will be easier with the help of MyJio app.

Reliance Jio Phone Specification

  • Alphanumeric keypad
  • 4-Way Navigation
  • Compact Design
  • 4 QVGA Display
  • 2000 mAH Battery & Charger
  • SD Card Slot
  • 2 MP rear Camera
  • Microphone & Speakers
  • Headphone jack
  • Call History
  • Phone Contacts
  • Ringtones
  • Torchlight
  • FM Radio
  • Free voice calling

Jio phone booking

As the uppermost corporation in this ready for action human race Reliance Jio has an augment of 4700 times in its proceeds. Jio Phone booking will be on hand for beta testing on 15th August. Subsequent  to the pre-booking which will initiate on 24th August, the piece of equipment will be on hand in the marketplace from September 2017. people who are using Jio Phone can take pleasure as they have the benefit of the pre loaded Jio applications Jio Cinema, Jio Music and so on so book and take part in Jio phone booking if you want. At the same time as more often calling facility will until the end of time be free for Jio patrons.

How to book JIO Phone Online in Myjio App

  1. First step is to visit JIO Phone Booking Website i.e org or
  2. Second step is to click on JIO Feature Phone Booking Online option or click on jio free phone.
  3. Then, in third step client needs to enter the details and pay the Security amount i.e. Rs 1500.
  4. In fourth step, do payment through Debit/ Credit/ Net banking Options.
  5. You will get Rs 1500 JIO Phone Refund after 3 years.
  6. Now its done. You will get one code after the successful Jio phone booking registration/ confirmation.
  7. You will get shipped your jio phone to home or you can pick at reliance digital stores by showing bar code in the predetermined time.

 JIO Phone TV-Cable Plans & Detail

The reliance  JIO phone will put forward an ground- breaking  jio phone tv cable connection to small screen to lend a hand to users scrutiny content on a big screen at habitat. Users will necessitate to purchase the “Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan” package of Rs 309 to get a hold on the superfluous data considered necessary for this. The phone is what’s more to act in response to voice commands, which is unparalleled for a facet phone anywhere in the world. Jio will be the supreme accelerator of the Bharat-India connectivity, said Mukesh Ambani. Mukesh Ambani declared JIO feature phone price 15th August 2017, as ‘DIGITAL FREEDOM’ for each and every attribute phone users with JioPhone.

Jio Phone Price & Data Plans For Reliance 4G VoLTE

Mukesh Ambani, the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited announced on Friday the Jio Phone, a 4G VoLTE feature phone which he called “India Ka Smartphone” and started the process of Jio phone booking. Mukesh Ambani took up an immense step towards modernization.


The JIO cellular phone valuable price is Rs 0 jio phone price. This means, you can pay money for the phone at Rs 1500, which will be refunded after 36 months or 3 years. The mobile phone is a facet phone, but with a superior screen, admittance to apps and of course 4G data and 4G VoLTE calls and will in point of fact cost the customer Rs 0 in favor of the piece of equipment. This is so fine for the people who are looking for a smartphone at cheap rates.

Each and  every JIO Phone client will have easy access to free voice calls, SMS, with the highest quality, highest quantity, most affordable and unlimited data for JIO phone clients. In order to able- bodied every receptacle, JIO is in addition introducing TWO SACHETS –  for 2 days Its Rs/- 24 and its Rs/- 54 per week, with the purpose of providing comparable values and each and every feature and also process is start for Jio phone booking. From the very last quarter of this year, all Jio phone booking or JIO Phones be prepared in India with the objective of 5 million JIO Phones to be had each and every week.

Apps On Reliance JIO 4G Phone

Not exceedingly in no doubt of technicalities however if not there is an self- determining app store, the net a neutral stance purists won’t be happy. That operators can’t do something as gatekeepers is the deep- seated principle of net neutrality, an engineering analyst said. To be in no doubt, as of up till now, there is not a great deal of intelligibility on the subject of the nature of Jio Phones or Jio Phone Booking in the framework of whether it will bound its client to download applications as of its store or else consent to them to make use of  the external applications.

TRAI’s degree of difference pricing verdict in February 2016 has two parts: Firstly, with the intention of  that “no service supplier shall put forward or else lay the blame on inequitable tariffs in favor of data services on the foundation of content”. That is not phenomenon in this case, for the reason that this excise is designed for the piece of equipment and not content. On the other hand, the order in addition states that “no service supplier shall cross the threshold keen on whichever arrangement, agreement or contract, by whatever name called, with any person, natural or legal, that has the upshot of inequitable excise in favor of information services being on hand or else charged to the client scheduled on the foundation of content.”

The apps on Jio phones will be some degree of by means of recollection, processor as well as compatibility to operating system. If you want to buy phone as soon as possible Jio phone booking process is start. A client be able to peruse whatever thing on internet in addition to, for that reason, it does not go in opposition to the set of laws of network a neutral stance. The apps on Jio Phone are indispensable, built using HTML5, which will lend a hand to the feature phone try to be like a basic intelligent smartphone. HTML5 (the fifth version of the hyper text markup language that put together browsers cause to be web pages in the approved manner) mobile phone application expansion diminish down expenditure on the increase apps.

Hope you will understand and satisfy with the above information on Jio phone booking, Free Jio 4G mobile, how to start Jio phone registration, Jio phone price and specification with features. Also we shared more information on Jio phone and DTH cable so stay with us or visit for more latest information.

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